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1 Effective sterss was discovered by Arthur Cassagrande F 2 The OCR is used to estimate the amount of secondary consolidation F 3 The compression index is used to calculate how fast clay will consolidate F 4 T 5 Atterburg limits are related to the amount of settlement expected in a clay T 6 Secondary consolidation is as important as primary consolidation F 7 Permeability can be determined form a consolidation T 8 Dry soils are not affected by effective stress F 9 Boussinesq is less accurate at shallow depths than Westergard T 10 Newmark Charts are used to calulate effective stress F 11 Peats exhibit mostly secondary consolidation T 12 Thin sand layers, in thinck clay layers, slow down consolidation F 13 F 14 The solution to one demensional consolidation uses the LaPlace equation F 15 F 16 The time factor is used in total sttlement calculations F 17 Moving water has a higher water pressure than static water at the same depth F 18 Saturated clays have lower pore pressure than unsaturated clays F 19
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