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homework 2 RS232 - What to submit 1 Board demo in the lab 2...

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Homework II CMPE127 Build RS232 Interface HL This homework prepares you for Lab 1. In this homework, you will need to build RS232 interface to achieve the following objectives: 1. Use one of the three serial communication ports to interface MAX232, to achieve logic level shifting (from ARM CPU 3.3 VDC to RS32 logic level), in order to communicate with laptop's RS232 port. 2. Transmit your name and SID via RS232 at 9600 baud rate with 8N1 setting (with no control). You will need to accomplish the following tasks: 1. Connect ARM CPU module to MAX232; 2. Connect MAX232 to DB9 (male) connector; then use serial cable (cross over cable with pin 2 and 3 crossed over at the other end) to connect to your laptop or desktop computer; 3. Run hyper terminal at your laptop or desktop to allow the receiving from the ARM module.
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Unformatted text preview: What to submit: 1. Board demo in the lab; 2. Report with detailed documentation. Grading: 1. Total 4 pts; 2. Format of the report and presentation of the work counts 50^%; programming and demo count another 50%. 3. Common problem in report resulting in loss points, so please try to void them. (1) Alter the IEEE paper template format: (2) Name, affiliation, email contact are not fully provided; (3) Implementation details are missing so the work can not reproduced based on the documentation; (4) No algorithm description; no pseudo code description, no flow charts, etc. which result in the lack of specific technical details. (5) No screen short photos of the execution result, no photos and figures to document the system setup etc. (END)...
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