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0707.321– Principles of Software Engineering Exam #1 Name: Section: Part I – Multiple Choice 1. [1 point each] Designate the following requirements as one of: (a) functional (b) non-functional (product requirement) (c) non-functional (organizational requirement) (d) non-functional (external requirement) The ATM customer shall be able to choose make the cash withdrawal from any of a number of bank accounts. [(d) functional] The ATM shall not let the customer check their account balances until their PIN has been validated. [(d) security constraint external requirement. Because of phrasing, (a) is also acceptable.] The ATM shall communicate with the bank computer via a standard telephone line and modem. [(d) interoperability constraint external requirement. Because it also touches on portability, I accepted (b).] The software must run on Microsoft Windows 2000. [(c) implementation organizational requirement.] The software must be ready in six months. [(c) delivery organizational requirement.] The word processor program shall include online documentation. [(b) usability product requirement.] To improve reliability (defending against a machine crash), the spreadsheet program should periodically make a checkpoint copy of any open spreadsheet. [(b) reliability product requirement. Because of phrasing, (a) is also acceptable.] The air traffic control system should run on a computer costing no more than $5,000,000. [(b) usability product requirement.] The computer vision system should work in low light. [(b) usability product requirement.] The web browser must be able to display all legal HTML documents. [(d) interoperability external requirement.] Page 1 of 7
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Part II – Short answer (~25 words) [4 points each = 36 points total] 2. Giving reasons for your answer based on the type of system being developed, suggest the most appropriate generic software process model ( i.e., one mentioned on the "cheat sheet") that might be used as a basis for managing the development of the following systems: a. A system to control a car's anti-lock braking system It is safety-critical that a car’s anti-lock braking system work, so a method based on formal transformations (with proofs of equivalence between each stage), would be the most appropriate here. Partial credit was given for “Incremental” or “Spiral” if accompanied by a reasonable rationale. Smaller partial credit for Waterfall. b. A virtual reality system to support software maintenance A virtual reality system would be cutting edge, and its usability would depend heavily on the quality of its user interface. One would be hard-pressed to be able to specify all the requirements in advance of design/implementation, so following a “Waterfall” or “Formal” process model would be difficult. Feedback from the users would be essential. An Evolutionary Model seems ideal here, but nearly-full credit was given to
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test #1-131 - 0707.321 Principles of Software Engineering...

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