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CmpE130 Fall 2009 HW3 1 of 1 CmpE130 Homework 3 Due date : 24 Sept. 2009 Go to the site which provides access to the National Transportation Safety Board database of aviation accidents. Enter some of the fields and hit “Submit query”. A. Give an overview of the file format. An overview is a verbal description of the abstract data type and general characteristics of the file structure. B. How many fields are there in each record? C. What are they? D. Which field should be used as the primary key? Is a single field
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Unformatted text preview: sufficient? E. Propose a data format for storing the information in the file so that it would be easy to read back. F. View the HTML source code for a page. Propose an algorithm for reading and extracting fields and records. G. Select the original page and cut and paste into Notepad. Propose an algorithm for reading and extracting fields and records from a text file produced in this way. Note any fields that might be problematic and explain why....
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