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BioE102_Lab_2_Torquing_the_Tibia - Torquing the Tibia BioE...

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Torquing the Tibia BioE 102 Lab 2 Last lab we modeled a bone bending in response to stress. We used a simplified geometry and assumed isotropic behavior. In this lab we ll try to model the behavior of a specific bone, our tibia (Fig.1, 2), using a similar simplified geometry, but taking into account the anisotropic behavior of bone. Instead of using a unidirectional stress as we did in Lab 1, we ll be applying a torque to the tibia to create torsion. During this lab you should, again, focus on learning the following lessons: Geometry how to create shapes in COMSOL. Boundary conditions how to assign BCs to surfaces, either fixing them or applying a load to them. Physical properties how to model anisotropic material (as bone does not exhibit isotropic behavior). Solid, Stress-Strain how to apply stress to a model of a solid object using COMSOL. Post-processing how to visualize results using COMSOL Modeling torquing of the tibia using COMSOL:
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NOTE: SAVE YOUR FILE OFTEN! Press Ctrl + S after every change. If COMSOL gets moody , you will be able restart it and re upload your file. For this portion of the lab, you should save your model file as Tibia.mph 1. Open COMSOL . The Model Navigator window will open. 2. Select Space Dimension > 3D . 3. In the Model Navigator window, select New > Application Modes COMSOL Multiphysics > Structural Mechanics > Solid, Stress- Strain > Static Analysis and press OK . 4.
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BioE102_Lab_2_Torquing_the_Tibia - Torquing the Tibia BioE...

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