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- 1 - CSE 260 Homework 12 Due November 19, 2008 Obtain the new support.vhd file from the class website for the WashU-1+ processor with the new VGA controller. Incorporate this into your CPU design and synthesize it and program it to an S3 board to ensure it works (a static pattern will appear on the VGA screen). 1. (10 Points) Write a software routine that will clear the VGA display to all black. Enter it into the RAM and run it in hardware to prove it works (to yourself). Turn in your listing with comments. -- blank VGA screen 16#0000# => x"1000", -- loop: m[vga buffer pointer] = 0 16#0001# => x"50f0", -- 16#0002# => x"1001", -- *m[vga]++ 16#0003# => x"a0f0", 16#0004# => x"40f0", 16#0005# => x"1fff", -- count-- 16#0006# => x"a0f1", 16#0007# => x"40f1", 16#0008# => x"8000", -- if count > 0 goto loop
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Unformatted text preview: 16#0009# => x"0000", -- halt 16#00f0# => x"c000", -- vga buffer base 16#00f1# => x"3e80", -- 320*200/4 addresses for VGA buffer 2. (20 Points) Write a software routine to draw some interesting picture on the VGA display. Feel free to use the routine from #1 if you want, but it’s not required. Your picture must include at least the following features: a. Must display at least four colors (either simultaneously or in turn) b. Must fill at least 200 pixels on the screen c. Must move . That is, it cannot be a static image. At least 200 pixels must change (no flashing one pixel!) Turn in your listing and description of what your picture is for Problem #2. Email your bit file for problem #2 to [email protected] . Sample projects will be demoed in class to inspire us for future projects....
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