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Learn_Eval2 - is called the a id c superego b ego d oral 6...

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LEARNING EVALUATION 2 1. Freud's greatest contribution to people's conception of what their personalities are like was his suggestion that nearly all of behavior is determined by the a. id c. conscious b. superego d. unconscious 2. The stage during which little boys learn to be competitive ("I'm tougher than you are") is the 3. The part of our personality that operates on the pleasure principle ("If it feels good, do it") is the 4. When a little boy falls in love with his mother, wants to have sex with her, but is afraid his father will castrate him, Freud calls it 5. The part of our personality that is much like our conscience, containing all of the do's and don'ts of life,
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Unformatted text preview: is called the a. id c. superego b. ego d. oral 6. The stage of development in which a true love relationship can develop is the ____ stage. a. phallic c. oral b. genital d. anal 7. The part of our personality in which we store our conception of who we are and the part which is the "referee" between the other two parts is the a. ego c. superego b. id d. self 8. The first stage of development that we go through is the ____ stage. a. phallic c. oral b. anal d. genital 9. A little girl wants to be anatomically complete by possessing her father, Freud calls this a. symbol substitution c. prenuptial naiveté b. Oedipus conflict d. Electra conflict 10. Freud's theory of personality is called a. psychoanalytic theory c. Gestalt theory b. transactional analysis d. psychotherapeutic theory...
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