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LEARNING EVALUATION 4 1. The 10-year-old boy on the tapes who had 23 contacts with the police for setting fires, stealing, etc. was classified as having a. an aggressive personality c. a psychoneurotic disorder b. conduct disorder d. a bipolar disorder 2. An alcoholic would be classified as having a a. conversion disorder c. somatoform disorder b. panic disorder d. substance-related disorder 3. An organic brain syndrome, which is not reversible such as a bullet wound is a(n) ________ condition. a. acute c. psychotic b. chronic d. fatal 4. A person who has unfounded fears that someone is trying to "do them in" would be called a. phobic c. retarded b. neurotic d. paranoid 5. The single classification that accounts for the largest number of resident patients in mental institutions is a. anxiety disorder c. bipolar disorder b. schizophrenia d. alcoholism 6. The lady on the tapes who when asked why she laughed and giggled so much said, "That's part of my sickness - silly you know." was classified as having
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