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LEARNING EVALUATION 5 1. If a person cannot get along with anyone else because he is so aggressive, he would probably be classified as a. being paranoid b. having an affective disorder c. having a psychotic disorder d. having a personality disorder 2. The hypochondriac we heard on the tapes who complained of nearly every symptom imaginable fit into what overall classification? a. anxiety disorder c. personality disorder b. somatoform disorder d. affective disorder 3. A person who dresses in the clothes of a member of the opposite sex has a. homosexually c. masochism b. voyeurism d. transvestic fetishism 4. The 17-year-old girl on the tapes who spent the night with her married boyfriend after she got drunk at a party, and broke down into a crying episode at the end of the interview was classified as a. adjustment reaction c. schizophrenic b. factitious disorder d. personality disorder 5. The elderly woman with an even more elderly sister who was sent to the hospital for evaluation because she had become so upset during a physical examination was classified as having
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