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Unformatted text preview: LEARNING EVALUATION 7 1. The type of therapy in which a person might learn to control her blood pressure by hearing a tone whenever the pressure was in an acceptable range would be called a. a physical therapy c. psychotherapy b. systematic desensitization d. biofeedback 2. From the article on the effectiveness of therapies that was discussed in class we learned that a psychoneurotic who receives no therapy at all a. has no chance of recovery c. has a good chance of recovery b. has a poor chance of recovery d. always recovers 3. The first step in a systematic desensitization session would be a. making up an anxiety hierarchy b. going through a relaxation exercise c. finding out how the behavioral problem got started d. hooking up the electrodes 4. If we give Suzy an M&M candy whenever she stays in her seat for one minute we are using a technique which is called a. reinforcement therapy (or behavior modification) b. stimulus relearning c. systematic desensitization d. biofeedback 5. The article discussed in class that evaluated therapies concluded that psychoneurotic patients who 5....
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