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Learn_Eval8 - LEARNING EVALUATION 8 1 There are a number of...

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LEARNING EVALUATION 8 1. There are a number of techniques that we use to psychologically cope with conflict and frustration. These are called a. concept formations c. frequent fixations b. retroactive inversions d. defense mechanisms 2. If we have a certain goal but a barrier prevents us from reaching the goal, this situation is called a. conflict c. frustration b. goal mismanagement d. approach-avoidance 3. Suppose you got a D on the first test in this course and said, " Well, I received a low grade because Martin doesn't like me." Such a statement would characterize a. repression c. sublimation b. rationalization d. truth 4. You are standing at the edge of a 200 ft. cliff and your only way off the cliff is through a bed of rattlesnakes. What type of conflict are you in? a. approach-approach c. avoidance-avoidance b. approach-avoidance d. vacillation 5. If you have guilt feelings because you cheated on your mate, you might find that you end up accusing him/her of cheating on you. You have just used
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