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LEARNING EVALUATION 9 1. When a person gets out of the optimal state his/her body has a physiological change take place, this physiological state is called a a. drive c. goal b. need d. behavior 2. Any system that behaves in such a way so as to maintain a particular state can be said to be operating by a. retrieval c. homeostasis b. natural selection d. determinism 3. When a need exists it is usually transformed into a psychological state called a a. drive c. proponent b. goal d. conflict 4. When the blood from a dog who has just eaten is transferred to a dog who has not eaten for a while, this dog who has not eaten will a. become hungry c. die b. show little interest in food d. still eat as if it is hungry 5. Sex is an exception to the general homeostatic model of motivation in that a. there is no definable goal b. there is not a sex drive c. there is no sex need for an individual d. achieving a sexual goal does not eliminate the drive. 6. When an airplane's pressurization system fails and there is not enough oxygen to sustain life, passengers
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