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LEARNING EVALUATION 10 1. Which theory of emotion would say that emotions are caused solely by our physiological and behavioral response to an event? a. cognitive labeling (Schachter/Singer) c. James-Lange b. Cannon-Bard d. common sense 2. Which physiological measure below is not used in lie detector (polygraph)? a. blood pressure c. respiratory (breathing) rate b. galvanic skin response d. pupillary response 3. The reason it is so difficult to scientifically study emotion is that: a. emotions are not publicly observable, all we can measure are by-products b. no two people experience the same emotion c. emotions differ from culture to culture d. everyone has too many emotions 4. Hess' original interpretation of the change in the size of the pupil was that: a. pupils change size only to changes in light b. pupils get larger when viewing things we like, and smaller to things we dislike c. pupils get larger when we are processing information d. larger pupils are associated with aggressive people
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