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LEARNING EVALUATION 11 1. When a person becomes dependent upon the rituals, paraphernalia, and life-style of drug use it is called a. psychological addiction c. withdrawal b. tolerance d. physiological addiction 2. Which drug below is most likely to produce physiological addiction? a. speed c. tranquilizers b. marijuana d. heroin 3. In terms of killing the user from an overdose, which class of drugs is the most dangerous? a. depressants c. stimulants b. hallucinogens d. marihuana 4. The "reverse tolerance" reported by users of marijuana (it takes less and less to get high quickly) has been found to: a. be false, because the drug acts the same way when taken in the same amount b. be true, because the active ingredient is broken down more quickly into its more potent form as tolerance is built up c. be true, because the high is exclusively a learned phenomenon d. be false, it actually takes more to get the same high after tolerance develops 5. The street form of amphetamines is called a. speed
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