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LEARNING EVALUATION 12 1. Research has shown that the most aggressive children are the result of what kind of parental behavior? a. highly punitive (strict) c. moderately punitive but inconsistent b. very lenient d. dissassociative 2. In terms of toilet training and feeding schedules research has shown that the most important dimension is a. keeping to a strict schedule b. allowing the child to determine the schedule c. being unemotional about the process d. the parent's attitude 3. When the time a baby monkey spent with artificial mothers was recorded, it was found that given a choice they spent the most time with a. a mother made out of terry cloth which felt good b. a mother having a feeding bottle attached from which it could eat c. a mother whose head most resembled a real monkey d. a mother whose eyes lit up 4. Children who are institutionalized at an early age show a. higher mortality rates than others b. more sickness and disease than others c. lower IQ scores than others d. all of the above are true
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