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Learn_Eval13 - LEARNING EVALUATION 13 1 Social psychology...

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LEARNING EVALUATION 13 1. Social psychology is not concerned with a. social thinking c. social security b. social relations d. social influence 2. I am in the grocery store and a lady offers me a sample of pizza on a toothpick which I take and eat. I now walk over and put one of the pizzas into my cart. I had not planned to buy that brand of pizza. What has she used to influence me? a. social proof c. reciprocation b. authority d. scarcity 3. Tupperware parties which are held in a neighbor’s house use what tactic to get you to buy the products? a. authority c. scarcity b. commitment and consistency d. liking 4. If you are trying to lose weight and decide to write down your weight goal and to announce your goal to your friends, what tactic are you voluntarily imposing on yourself? a. reciprocation c. commitment and consistency b. social proof d. liking 5. I described an experiment in which participants rated the desirability of cookies which came from a jar containing 10 cookies or 2 cookies. The results supported which type of influence?
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