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LEARNING EVALUATION 14 1. After a behavior has been learned by having been reinforced and then reinforcement is no longer given, we find that the behavior ceases. At this point we could say that ____ has occurred. a. spontaneous recovery c. extinction b. classical conditioning d. unlearning 2. If you hated this class so badly that you felt bad every time you attended, you might come to find that just seeing me would cause you to feel bad, this would be an example of ____ conditioning. a. operant c. avoidance b. classical d. unconscious 3. The technical name for the behavior therapy technique that we called "stimulus relearning" is a. operant conditioning c. avoidance conditioning b. classical conditioning d. reversal shift 4. When you try to teach your child to put on her own shoes and the first few times you say "good girl" even though she gets them on the wrong feet but later she get a "good girl" only when they are put on correctly, you are using a technique called a. shaping c. avoidance conditioning
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