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LEARNING EVALUATION 15 1. If I gave you a list of words to recall in order (I show you the first, you are to recall the 2nd, etc.), you would be doing a ________ experiment. a. concept formation c. paired-associates learning b. serial learning d. probability learning 2. In the probability learning experiment that we did in class we found the typical result that a. people never learn the probabilities b. people match their guesses to the probilities c. people optimize by predicting the more frequent event 100% of the time d. people continue to guess each of the alternatives 50% of the time 3. Avoidance conditioning resembles a. classical conditioning b. operant conditioning c. both classical and operant conditioning in some respects d. neither classical nor operant conditioning 4. A factory worker who is paid $1 for every 10 relays she/he wires is being reinforced according to which schedule a. fixed ratio c. variable ratio b. fixed interval d. variable interval 5. A young child who learns the definition of words by experiencing the world (You are right, that is a dog; you are
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