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Unformatted text preview: LEARNING EVALUATION 16 1. One way that people attempt to improve their memory is by putting items together in groups (for example, grouping a telephone number 9-1 (505) 523-6841). This behavior is called a. mediation c. imagery b. chunking d. linking 2. The theory of forgetting that says we forget because the memory trace fades with the passage of time is a. consolidation c. interference b. decay d. temporal rumination 3. The measure of memory that is the first to show forgetting when it occurs is a. relearning c. recall b. recognition d. classification 4. The illusory memory demonstration illustrated that in order to determine whether we have experienced something in the past we a. simply check to see whether that memory is currently residing in our memory store b. assess the activation strength of items in memory and some may be falsely activated c. allude to other memories that are similar d. form images of items in memory and determine how familiar they look 5. The maximum number of separate items that we can hold in short term memory without organizing them is 5....
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