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69 LEARNING EVALUATION 18 1. If I jump into a river to save my son, I am demonstrating a. evolutionarily foolish behavior. c. reciprocal altruism. b. heritability. d. inclusive fitness. 2. The original theory of evolution had a difficult time accounting for ____ behavior and this was one of the reasons that inclusive fitness and reciprocity were proposed. a. aggressive c. defensive b. altruistic d. all of these 3. According to the theory of evolution it is possible to evolve a. physical characteristics b. behavioral characteristics c. both physical and behavioral characteristics d. neither physical nor behavioral characteristics 4. In general why do men kill other men? a. because they think that the other man is trying to have sex with their mate b. because they think the other man has disrespected them c. both a. and b. d. neither a. nor b. 5. What are the three necessary requirements for evolution? a. maintenance, mobility, selection
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