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Unformatted text preview: LEARNING EVALUATION 19 1. Engineering psychology is concerned with a. the mental health of engineers b. the behavior of machines c. human behavior in a human-machine-environment system d. the structure of psychology's scientific body of knowledge 2. If you are using your watch for a quantitative reading (Exactly what time is it?) a ____ display would be best; for a check reading (Is it 8:00 yet?) a ____ display would be best. a. digital; moving pointer c. moving pointer; digital b. moving scale; digital d. digital; moving scale 3. Which of the criteria below would an engineering psychologist not be concerned about when evaluating the design of a human-machine system? a. Is it safe? b. Is the system efficient to operate? c. Is the system pleasing to operate? d. They are all of concern. 4. Most aircraft accidents are the result of a. equipment malfunction c. poor training b. maintenance problems d. human error 5. For engineering psychologists the "second computer revolution" offers a challenge to determine 5....
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