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Mat. 33 Homework # 3 2/9/09 1. Vacancy diffusion occurs primarily when the diffusing atoms are of a similar size, or substitutional atoms. The movement of a substitutional atom requires a vacancy in the lattice for it to move into. Interstitial diffusion occurs when the diffusing atom is small enough to move between the atoms in the lattice. Interstitial diffusion is more rapid because the atoms are smaller and can move between each other which provides for quicker diffusion. 2. a) The energy for vacancy formation in silver under the given conditions is 8.39E-19
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Unformatted text preview: joules. b) Two materials related parameters on which the magnitude of the energy of vacancy formation depends include temperature and the total number of atomic sites. b) When the hydrogen is first introduced, steady state conditions would not apply because t=0. To achieve a steady state whatever is on both sides of the material must reach equal pressures. 4. The temperature is3658 K at the given flux. 5. 7.39 x T 1473 = 27029.17 K....
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