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ESP 171 Environmental Planning Assignment 2: A Local Issue and its Environmental Implications (or, alternatively, A Global Environmental Issue and its Local Roots) Due Thursday, May 11 Purpose The purpose of a “white paper” is to help policy makers understand a particular issue and the possible options for addressing it. A Google search turns the following definitions of a white paper: “White papers are documents released by companies, organizations, and government agencies to authoritatively describe products, technologies, and policy.” “A policy document issued by the Government to explain or discuss matters.” “A publication that states a position on a social, political, or other subject, often including a high- level explanation of an architecture or framework of a solution.” In this assignment, you will write the first half of your white paper, in which you describe the issue. In the next assignment, you will focus on potential solutions. At the end of the quarter, you will submit a paper that combines both efforts to describe the issue and discuss potential solutions. Background Cities in California and across the U.S. are facing a host of problems, issues, and pressures that ultimately have important implications for the environment, directly or indirectly. Many cities are concerned about the WalMart issue, for example: when WalMart moves into a community, local businesses are affected, local traffic patterns are affected, and air quality, water quality, and quality of life might all be affected. In response, some cities are using their planning power to prohibit big box stores or to influence their location
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ESP171_Assignment_2 - ESP 171 Environmental Planning...

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