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ESP 171 Environmental Planning 5/11 Encouraging Growth within the Boundaries 1 Growth Management Recap Making growth management work: - Get the boundary in the right place - Use land within the boundary as efficiently as possible! What is efficient development…? Lots of ways cities can encourage efficient forms of development - More hands off… use traditional regulatory tools of planning to enable - More hands on… use formal redevelopment programs to make things happen Types of Development Inside the Boundary - Infill development: using empty parcels of land within boundaries - Redevelopment: reusing land or structures at higher intensities Brownfield redevelopment: use of abandoned industrial sites Grayfield redevelopment: use of abandoned commercial sites
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Unformatted text preview: • Adaptive reuse: rehabilitation and reuse of existing structures • Vacant properties: take over and return to productive use • Tear downs? replace smaller house with bigger house… Issues ± NIMBYism ± Gentrification Examples Infill Triangle Project, Austin, TX Brownfields Redevelopment The Railyards, Sacramento, CA Grayfield Redevelopment The Crossings, Mountain View, CA Santana Row, San Jose, CA Adaptive Reuse Ghirardelli Square , San Francisco, CA Vacant Properties Smart Growth America’s National Campaign Research question: Can this kind of development reduce driving…? ± Transit-Oriented Development ± Active Living by Design or Walkable Communities For Thursday: Redevelopment and Eminent Domain, Chapter 15...
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