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ESP 171 Environmental Planning 5/11 Encouraging Growth within the Boundaries 1 Growth Management Recap Making growth management work: - Get the boundary in the right place - Use land within the boundary as efficiently as possible! What is efficient development…? Lots of ways cities can encourage efficient forms of development - More hands off… use traditional regulatory tools of planning to enable - More hands on… use formal redevelopment programs to make things happen Types of Development Inside the Boundary - Infill development: using empty parcels of land within boundaries - Redevelopment: reusing land or structures at higher intensities Brownfield redevelopment: use of abandoned industrial sites Grayfield redevelopment: use of abandoned commercial sites
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Unformatted text preview: Adaptive reuse: rehabilitation and reuse of existing structures Vacant properties: take over and return to productive use Tear downs? replace smaller house with bigger house Issues NIMBYism Gentrification Examples Infill Triangle Project, Austin, TX Brownfields Redevelopment The Railyards, Sacramento, CA Grayfield Redevelopment The Crossings, Mountain View, CA Santana Row, San Jose, CA Adaptive Reuse Ghirardelli Square , San Francisco, CA Vacant Properties Smart Growth Americas National Campaign Research question: Can this kind of development reduce driving? Transit-Oriented Development Active Living by Design or Walkable Communities For Thursday: Redevelopment and Eminent Domain, Chapter 15...
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