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ESP 171 Environmental Planning 5/9 Growth Management Definitions… Nelson and Duncan: “… a whole range of policies designed to control, guide, or mitigate growth”; “… guide growth rather than react to its effects.” Schultz and Kassen: “implementation of government regulations that control the type, location, quality, scale, rate, sequence, or timing of development.” Related to… “Sustainable development” - Development that meets the needs of the people today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. “Smart growth” – Environmentally-sensitive land development with the goals of minimizing dependence on auto transportation, reducing air pollution, and making infrastructure investments more efficient Purposes… 1. Protecting what you have for existing and future generations 2. Stopping sprawl: guiding growth in rational and efficient way Economic rationale: cost of infrastructure and services Environmental rationale: consumption of land and other natural resources
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ESP171_Class_7_lecture notes - ESP 171 Environmental...

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