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ESP 171 Environmental Planning 4/13: Implementing the General Plan Zoning Legal Issues: - Basis is local police power; must be serve to protect public health, safety, and welfare; - Cannot be arbitrary or capricious; must be comprehensive and fair. - Must be consistent with general plan re. what land uses allowed where - Adopted by ordinance, carries weight of law. Approach: - Zoning maps showing what zoning category for each property - Text identifying land uses for each category: o Specifically permitted uses o Conditionally permitted uses o Prohibited uses - Text identifying development standards for each category: o intensity or bulk or “envelope”: setbacks, height limits, FAR requirements o impact or performance: e.g. parking requirements Development review process: - Land owner or developer submits application to city - City then determines consistency with zoning ordinance. - If proposal is incompatible with codes, then more complicated… Zoning amendment: landowner can get change in zoning to accommodate proposed use. Variances:
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ESP171_Class_5_lecture_notes - ESP 171 Environmental...

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