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ESP 171 Environmental Planning Class 3: Who Does What Who determines whether growth occurs and in what way? Government Branches of Government: - Legislative branch – sets the rules - Administrative branch – carries out the rules - Judiciary branch – makes sure rules and their application don’t violate rights, laws Levels of Government: Concepts: - Police power: the power of a government entity to restrict private activity in order to promote health, safety, welfare, morals. - Reserved power doctrine of the 10 th Amendment: any power not explicitly taken by federal government is left to the states, including police power. - Delegation of power by states to cities and counties: local actions are subordinate to state laws, must meet constitutional requirements. Results: - Federal Government - direct control of public lands; indirect control in multiple ways - State Government - direct control of some public lands; direct guidance of local planning - Local Governments - direct control of policy direction, implementation
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ESP171_Class_3_lecture_notes - ESP 171 Environmental...

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