exp3labreport - Lab #2: Mixed Melting Points Purpose : To...

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Unformatted text preview: Lab #2: Mixed Melting Points Purpose : To find the identity of an unknown by comparing it to the melting point of a mixed unknown and known compound. Part I Finding an Identical Compound Compound #244 (4T) Tested with Mark (#40) Tested with Fiona (#254) General M.P. R.: 126 - 133 C Original M.P.: 129 131.7 C Original M.P.: 133.7 134.9 C Accurate M.P.R.: 127.5 131.6 C Combined M.P.: 129 - 132 C Combined M.P.: 96.8 - 120 C Students were assigned an unknown compound labeled by a number to test with the Mel-Temp, a device that would find a fairly accurate melting range of a sample in a melting point capillary. After two t rials, one by 6 C per minute and a more accurate one by 2 C a minute, the unknown number and melting point range was record on the boarded. Each student then had to find another student with a similar melting point range and mix the two compounds in a 1:1 ratio. If the measured melting range was exactly the same as the compounds by themselves, the compounds were identical. If the two compounds were soluble but different, the melting range would decrease. If the two were insoluble, the melting point range would be broader because each compound melts separately. Part II Generation of a Melting Point-Composition Diagram...
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exp3labreport - Lab #2: Mixed Melting Points Purpose : To...

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