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Lab #6: Recrystallization of an Unknown Solid and Decolorization of Brown Sugar Purpose : To learn how to choose an appropriate solvent, to recrystallize a pure compound from solution, and removed colored impurities from brown sugar with charcoal Part I – Choosing the Correct Solvent Our unknown was #10. To find the correct solvent, the appropriate one would not dissolve the unknown at room temperature but would dissolve the unknown at higher temperatures. In order to find the correct solvent, each student did a solubility test with a solvent and the unknown: acetone (Ivy), hexane (Chris), water (Mark), and ethanol (Virginia). The unknown did not dissolve in any solvent so we proceeded to use heat in order to dissolve the unknown. Heating hexane and ethanol solutions did not dissolve the crystals, but in water and acetone, the unknown dissolved. In order to narrow down to the correct choice, we determined that the acetone solution had too much solvent and therefore was a false positive. Thus, water was the correct solvent and was used in the subsequent experiments (9T). Part II – Identifying the Unknown Each member was to perform recrystallization individually with the unknown and water. The initial mass of the sample was measured, mine being 82mg (9M). A small amount of the solvent was added, and the solution was slowly heated in the sand bath until the sample was completely saturated and the unknown was dissolved. The
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exp6labreport - Lab #6: Recrystallization of an Unknown...

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