assignment2 - causes more interest in the story Although...

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Virginia Lieu Tiffany Tsao English R1B The Long and Short of It April 2, 2009 Assignment 2: A Critical Review of Dickens’ Bleak House In contrast to his other works, such as “David Copperfield,” “Bleak House” by Charles Dickens is void of much mirth, humor and joy. His previous works are filled with many exaggerations and jovial and gleeful creations. However, in “Bleak House,” the characters, such as Krook, Snagsby, and Mr. Chapband, are not humorous; rather, they are dry and odd. There is also a lot of dull writing in the book that adds no actual wit, feeling, or smartness to the work. The beginning of the novel is uninteresting, but the last few chapters help to rescue the entire story. “Bleak House” is regarded as one of Dicken’s “most artistically constructed” novels. Dickens is skilled in tying all the different stories in the novel together into one plot and this
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Unformatted text preview: causes more interest in the story. Although Lady Dedlock is a central character, the most attractive is Esther, the narrator, because she is what Dickens considers the “ideal woman.” The review was very helpful in referencing Dickens’ different works and comparing his writing style among them. Though he says that “Bleak House” is filled with dull matter, he states that it is one of Dickens’ most artistically crafted novels. I believe that a modern literary critic would be much the same as his, addressing the many pages of dull matter in the book, but it would not reference other authors, such as Thackeray. A modern day critic would also elaborate more on plot, rather than mentioning what readers’ opinions were of the book....
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assignment2 - causes more interest in the story Although...

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