ENGR1bnumber4outline - I. In Interpreter of Maladies,...

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I. In Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri elaborates on the quest for transnationalism, INSERT DEFINITION HERE, and on how traditional gender roles change depending on her female protagonists’ acceptance of culture crossings. II. Transnationalism a. “…not only geographical extension but also the troubled complexity of a particular nexus of space and time in postcolonial, postmodern time (Moller 65)” b. “…how the continuous process of change has influenced individuals more or less radically in different part of the world (Moller 65)” c. “’ethno-global’ (Katrak 5)” III. Traditional Female Roles a. “…the hierarchical structure of Indian society where a certain class of woman was transfixed in lowly domestic positions (Moller 67)” i. India has a very strict tiered structure, as seen in “A Fine Balance,” whether the structure is based on societal values (the caste system) or on socioeconomic status, as in the city by the sea ii. In this structure women are often set in their place and are seen as inferior to men and should be obedient and quite b. “…powerless to alter the sad historical fate of vast numbers of domestically fettered subaltern women…(Moller 67)” i. Women are often set firmly in their roles and, depending on the woman’s personality, react differently to their positions
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c. “ritual trappings of the marriage ceremonial as signifiers of empowerment (Moller 68)” i. Women are often put into marriages that equal power and wealth for them and their family but do not necessarily equal love IV. Mrs. Sen’s a. “Lahiri dwells on the profound loneliness of the wife of the primary immigrant (Mitra ).” b.
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ENGR1bnumber4outline - I. In Interpreter of Maladies,...

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