midtermvocab - Achieved status Ascribed Status Culture...

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Achieved status Ascribed Status Culture Armchair anthropology Cultural relativism symbol Laura Bohannon Laura Nader Holistic Marion Benedict Lying/truth Naricema H. Miner Social status that comes through talents, actions, efforts, activities, and accomplishments Social status that people have no choice about occupying Patterns of human activity and symbolic structures that give activities significance and importance Position that values and standards of culture differ and deserve respect Something that arbitrarily and by convention stand s for something else Anthropologist who discussed the prospects of anthropology in the 21 st century as an holistic discipline Idea that anthropology should be viewed as a whole and not separate parts Alfred Kroeber Ishi Yahi Salvage Anthropology Fieldwork and ethics Encounter Participant Observation Situated Knowledge Ethnography Emic/etic Native’s point of view Sherman Alexie American anthropologist who practiced salvage anthropology and worked with Ishi in early 1900s Last Yahi in California, emerging in the 1900s who worked with Kroeber on salvage anthropology Yana people of Northern California who were Ishi’s group of Native Americans Collection and salvage of cultural artifacts to save native societies from becoming extinct Ethnography that presents a holistic research method in discovering and learning about other cultures Set of research strategies which aim to gain a close and intimate familiarity with a group and their practices through involvement Knowledge specific to a particular situtation
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midtermvocab - Achieved status Ascribed Status Culture...

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