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Anthropology 3AC First Midterm Outline I. Ethics and Method a. Anthropology! By Laura Nader i. Nader argues the different subspecialities about anthropology and how it has ruined anthropology. She desires anthropology that is holistic and united for the coming millennium. II. Culture a. Shakespeare in the Bush by Laura Bohannon i. Culture has different interpretation of stories but still some elements are universal to all human civilizations. b. Fact or Fiction by Marion Benedict i. Is anything really objective? How can one tell the life of foreign peoples without truly experiencing what they experience? How is objective knowledge really object? How do you convey their lives if you have never lived it? c. Dear John Wayne by Sherman Alexie i. Elaborates on the method of encounter and the manner of an anthropologist when he or she studies another human culture. d. Body Ritual of the Nacirema by H. Miner i. The study of Americans through the eye of an anthropologist from another civilization or culture e. Ishi: the Last Yahi i. Encounter with other civilizations must be approached with caution or it will cause controversy and problems III. Gender a. Coming of Age in Samoa by Margaret Mead b. Margaret Mead and Samoa IV. Kinship a. Place of Anthropology is a public Culture Reshaped by Bioreductivism by Roger Lancaster b. Gender of Brazilian Transgendered Prostitutes by Kuklick
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c. Made to Order by Weston d. Gender, Genetics, and Generation by Hayden e. Paradise Bent i. Culture defines gender and gender roles, not biology ii. Three different genders: men, women, and fa’afafine
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firstmidtermoutline - Anthropology 3AC First Midterm...

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