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ethnographyabstract - consumption and attempt to trace...

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Virginia Lieu Anthropology 3 Professor Laura Hubbard November 4, 2008 Ethnography Abstract Does what you buy influence how people view you? This is the question I will answer in my research project on coming of age in contemporary American society. Especially because coming of age is a time when others are keenly aware of one’s appearance and exterior form, consumption of clothing, makeup, and accessories is the prime focus of coming of age because of today’s easy access to such personalization and intense concentration on outward appearance. In my research project, I am going to travel to a mall in downtown San Francisco in order to not only gain deeper insight on coming of age and its effects on consumption, but also on the effects of consumerism on coming of age. I will primarily focus on the effect of desire to appear “white” of Asian Americans, causing them to go to “white” clothing stores, such as Hollister and Abercrombie Fitch. I will look for distinctions between age groups and
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Unformatted text preview: consumption and attempt to trace patterns. While there, I will attempt to speak with representatives of each group, defined by age and gender, to elicit a response about what items they buy and why they buy those items. In application to the information covered in this course, I will touch lightly upon the theme of gender, but I will focus mainly on the subject of consumption, race, and age. I will begin with brief but careful observation from a distance of such stores and venture inside. Then, I will attempt to engage in conversation with shoppers. I believe that coming of age is a time in which one creates and forms one’s identity and values. This way, coming of age is the period that will define who one is in the future, and how one will interact with the outside world....
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