Architecture 152 - Spring 2001 - Buntrock - Final

Architecture 152 - Spring 2001 - Buntrock - Final - Your...

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Your name Architecture 152 Introduction to Construction Final exam May 16, 9-11 a.m. S01 Multiple choice. For each question, select only ONE answer. Each question is worth 3 points, and the section is worth a total of 36 points. 1. Which of the following materials is likely to have the greatest expansion & contraction due to changes in moisture levels? A. oak B. post-tensioned concrete C. gypsum wall board D. copper 2. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Structures made up of pre-cast concrete columns and beams are easily designed to transfer moment from a horizontal plane to a vertical plane. B. Moment-resistant connections in steel are more expensive and labor-intensive, and should be used only as necessary. C. Sufficient labor resources exist today to assure that mortise and tenon connections are an economical alternative to mechanical fasteners when designing heavy timber structures. D. All of the above are true 3. What are some of the performance functions of windows and doors, as noted in the text? A. enhance the passage of sound. B. maximize heat gain and loss C. provide privacy and security. D. all of the above 4. In comparing the platform frame (generally enclosed in finish materials) to a post and beam construction with exposed heavy timber, which is an advantage of the platform frame? A. flexibility in bay size and room shape B. new and more widely available materials can be used C. less skills required to construct D. all of the above. 5. The 2x6 stud wall may be selected in order to assure additional room for insulation in the cavity. If 2x6 walls are used instead of 2x4s, which of the following will increase in cost?
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Architecture 152 - Spring 2001 - Buntrock - Final - Your...

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