exam - CS 4873.01T Final Exam 1 Yes this scenario could...

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CS 4873.01T – Final Exam – 1) Yes, this scenario could definitely cause a problem with the video delivery rate. Since the tunnel is TCP, even if there was no other traffic anywhere on the network, the AIMD congestion control algorithm will cause a sawtooth pattern of delivery rate. In addition, any traffic along the TCP path between the two tunneling routers will cause varying delays, etc. Since TCP provides no guarantees about rate of delivery and jitter, tunneling the UDP packets through a TCP connection is probably a bad idea. 2) Routers would be the best choice, because: a) The network contains several circuits, so the use of routers will prevent packets from traveling in circles around the network, because the routers will choose intelligent paths for packets to follow. b) Using routers allows the isolation of broadcast storms caused by a malfunctioning host on the neetwork. 3) AS9: Use static routing within and between Ases since the AS is extremely simple and has only one AS connected to it. AS23: Since the AS is very simple, use static routing within the AS,
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exam - CS 4873.01T Final Exam 1 Yes this scenario could...

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