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Exam I review questions _3

Exam I review questions _3 - Exam I Some review questions...

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Exam I – Some review questions for Wednesday, Sept 16 YES… you can use your calculator for these. 1) What discoveries was Marie Curie a part of…? 2) ONE atom could be expressed as how many yoctomoles? 3) What is the formula for barium hydroxide? 4) A sample of oxygen gas weighs 32.0 grams. It contains 6.022 x 10 23 . 5) When 50.0 g or CH 3 CH 3 is completely combusted with 100. g of oxygen, what is the limiting reagent? How much xs reagent remains (in g) if the reaction goes to completion (100% yld? 6) Solve the following equation for x: 10 x = 243 7) What scientist’s paper actually vindicated Max Boltzman’s work prior to his suicide? (from video) Max never knew of this work. 8) In track events the 1500. m run is also known as the “metric mile.” How does this distance compare to a standard mile? 9) The most common calcium ion has how many electrons? 10) What is Brownian motion and how did Einstein connect it to atoms? (from video) 11) How many miles are in at 10.00 km road race?
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