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Exam I – Some review questions for Thursday, Sept 17 YES… you can use your calculator for these. 1) What harbinger of the television set was the apparatus used to discover the electron? 2) How much does a lead brick weigh in pounds? (density 11.4 g/cm 3 ) Dimensions 10.0 inches x 3.00 inches x 1.50 inches 3) List a non-metal from group 3 on the periodic table? 4) List the three isotopes of hydrogen and describe each one? 5) ln e 2.5 = Use NO calculator. 6) Solve the following equation for x: 2 x = 432 Use a calculator and log/ln laws. 7) If a new digital thermometer is used to temperature of ice (frozen H 2 0) and in multiple measurements it gives: 0.59°C, 0.62°C, 0.74°C, 0.71°C, 0.58°C, and 0.64°C, the thermometer could best be described as but not . 8) If a basketball court (100. ft x 50.0 ft) if flooded with water that is an inch deep on the court, what volume in liters of water is covering the court? 9)
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