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,\ oP i*fg'V CIIM 22l0Test Spring 2005 (-) .- *t*-,-^ 'tl*dl',x1bl \'i/ ;/- a) vinyl bromide '*#-" *" I cLr=611"vta q' q, :x:Iwi* b) Methylene chloride cH zclL i li - c -- c* H aH w,el+Jv,.e- Name c) Iodoform C\{I } I-g-H H H E 2. Provide complete nalnes for the following. Include stereochemistry if appropriate. (5 points each) - | \(1 I CHL3HICI a)tl C'uaCi-lct+c i-1,c11" 5 'rl ? - J tr /l@ /- chlav-o - 4''elhJt-
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Unformatted text preview: tl *iodopen{'rur-n" (e) - | - Fr*rr6 - l, { - dr{lutdrra - I - bu-*arra N-Bromosuccinimide Product(s) hv, CClo a) Draw all reasonable resonance forms for the key intermediate and place the correct symbol between thqm.(6 points) }q"-K structural formulas fol any alkyl halide product(s).(6 points) b) B.a 3. Consider the reaction: C +s b) hovide un4mbiguous 6r .-\-rA-t_/:(i l +b...
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