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\ / sj-' ruot"I CHA4 ?2.r.O, Sprirg 2006, Test d '- Totql = [email protected] points. iraded tesfs mcy be picked up at CH 332. Gaod 1. Specify A^5, fR, UV, or NrlrlR for e-r'ch item below. (2 points eoch) d UV flecfrons ore promoted from lower to higher ene?gy orbitqls q A/flhspinning nuclei ore subjecfed to rqdio woves in a magnetic field c) An electron is dislodged from a molecule to creofe o moleculor ion q UV Shows the presence and extent of conjugotion .) A3 Usually indicqtes the moleculor waight 1 J-Ih Shows what kind of bonds are present and is best for identifying whof functional groups are present il /Vnh Qftenused to show fhe numb er of hydrogen
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Unformatted text preview: or corbon environments present f,l A-$-rhis technigue destroys the sornple i) -tA Vibrotions of bonds J) Ut/ HO,I^O-LUAiO electnonic tronsitions Z.Placethe letters A through F in tha diogrom below to indicqt ethe corresponding region of the infrqred spectrum. (2 points eoch) A. Stretching ond bending of single bonds thqt do not involve hydrogen B. Stretching of:ln,glslonds thqt involve hydrogen C. Carbonyl sfretching occurs here = D. CCI+ shows peoks here but not in the other three regions E. Triple bonds stretch here F. Sometimes cqlled the fingarprint re4ion b t C-AD F 2500 2000 1500 400 cm-l...
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