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{.to c.r4'rvb< I qc)( 5. Give a structure that corresponds to the following data' coHrO" (a) o l.-n fui,L+ 1.7 -+ f.r{el z-3 -a 4+Lt [--"H c#1- ft{, -cl{,- ( clf, cll;) - c{-- (r/r) (t r+) ov) Gft) - ,l' il "itllr ill]ll, ji ffi !n"'.'td .\ 'i:i::.lil L::!.J z.o I p.m I li I'l i Ir t: lii: ilii i li li l, tr :lt :i o .,1{,- !, -'V Cil, il I .C a o - L-o-cllt 67 l,t -tt*SL{, ft) ( c ly-)- ,: 3,T -+
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Unformatted text preview: g\/'fi H) (arl ) ''E {f-t7,.,k* ( I H)-Lu (. Hr) 't 4 D (ppm) ' i ;:i ljiiiiil ;ii:i I :iti | ! ;:iii ii:rr! i,':!;ii .l '; i i:: ' !' it: ii :t:::il: J :ii;;tit :il::lt.l i i::::r ' ;;;;li;: i::!-1 jii:;il i!il!ii ;;i:::ii .i; iil : : :l i___L: : ii i I ! ; : jd,t . !:r::,il::r.w: ;::;t::l 7...
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