IMG_0143 - shows o strorg infrored signol near'l 1715 cm-t...

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t- ,/ / 9. Propose a structure'fof a eompound'nrith fh€forfirulo CaHsBr that hos ?he -' \-1 1H NmR spectrum sumoarized bcbw. (1O points) 7.4 6 (? H, doublet) 7.1 6iZUdoublet) ?.6 d(e Hquartet) 1.26(3HtriPlet) : i \ 10. A compound with the formulq CeHrzO
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Unformatted text preview: shows o strorg infrored signol near \--'l 1715 cm-t. The lH NrllR spectrum shows only 2 signols thot ore both sirglets st ?.!ond 1.2 ppm wifh relotive integrols of 1:3, respectively. Propose o sfructure. (10 Points)...
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