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CH,ti ZZIO, SPrirg 20c6, Test 6 NA.tqa*:. Total = loCI points. iradedtests mcry be picked up ot CH 332.6ood luck! 1. Specify,IAS,IR, UV, or NIAR for eoch item below. (2 points each) o) - Electrons ore promoted from lower to higher ene?gY orbitals b) _ Spinning nuclei ore subjected to radio wovas in o magnetic field c) _ An electron is dislodgdfrom o moleculeto crente a moleculor ion d)-showsthepresenceondextEntofconjugotion e) -Usmlly indicotes the molecular weight f) _ Shows what kind of bonds sre p?esent ond is best for identifying whot functional groups are present g) _ Oftenused to show the number of hydrogen
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Unformatted text preview: or corbon environments Present \-, h) This technique destroys the sample i) - Vibrotions of bonds j) -HOMO-LUiAO electronic tronsitions ?.Placethe lettErs A through F in thE diogrom below to indicotethe correspondirE rqion of the infrared spectrum. (2 points each) A. Stretchiry and bending of sirgle bonds thot do not involve hydrogen B. Stratching of single bonds thcf involve hydrogen C. Corbonyl stretching occurs here D. CCI+ shows peoks here but not in the other three rqiors E. Triple bonds strefch here F. Sometimes called the firyerprint region '.-/ 40oo 2500 2000 1500 400 cm-r...
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