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IMG_0067 - choice(10 points(a{g c{1 O't l.li N{l u.d t a td...

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' '2. . 'What is meant by the ternn !'bass pecku qs if applies to'mass Jlr99 ll vlllvll r/i \v [email protected] + &Z-rnetb{l::e-pqntene;'tha ofher, td }-h,e7ene. Which is which? Exploin cft =t4c{,r$r'rtyour
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Unformatted text preview: choice. (10 points) @ (a) 100 80 60 {g c {1, O, 't l. .-\.li .\.+_ @ -.) N {l) u .d t a td c) I a6 !) F(. ES tU rl (d q5 ;o d o) 5 d :d) F4 100 .80 ,60 40 m.lz-.-'rr...
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