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CHM ??lO, Test ?a Spring 2OO5 %/rcc "Vo* ') J' cV'" V Ji ' !r\ .y- l'I"' LtF ,f .{f'' Name Irh Totol = 100 points. Graded tests con be picked up early in CH 332 storting tomorrow ond should be retrieved in closs afier lecture Fridoy of the lotest. --u1l f,/-- af< 1) Drow o Newmon projection of the lowest enerry confqrmer of 2-bromobutone. Look olonttX"rC(Z)'C(3) bond. (5 points) t. a (ts
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Unformatted text preview: ( 14 ("/L( t'tt cftt tl 2. o) Drow cleor representotions of both choir conformers of cis- l-b romo-4-f I uorocyclohexone. ( 10 po i nts)--, t) r o4x,'o / b) Lobel eqch non-hydrogen substituent obove os "oxiol" or 'leguotoriol." (4 points) t c) Circle the favored conformer obove (3 points) \l-. I' {.q .,F a li l: t\-l V i L .\i. . ) D tJr '4"i :_f...
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