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IMG_0106b - I C ntc ko< H^so-l BllzrT/lF A lh2a fua)H...

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4. (a) X,or the following reactions predict the product or products. If alkenes are , ('3 O p{s) formed label the nrgbn prcduct @) For t""*,tioo. a, b, and c label them as either *_AburrnN("1 & e,*hct^ s")bsTtnj'TfiN(b) &e*\,uthigrrlt$ (c) ry & oll +clr a > (d) ffi (e) [email protected] I
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Unformatted text preview: I C* ntc ko{ < H^so,-l, BllzrT/lF , A . lh2a, fua)H I ./\-''-{ \-"^'r,/ ry-'rffi"-^* "/ ffi / y'nn /v"1 \"-$7 ?oH o c$ov,ts€ r:g't':tr;a > ss Mr*og 'o\1 (h) _wW ,\B( (i) !: Ctt (ls > Koft a' Hf r 11i:6-or ao @ /\.'5*' + \A/ ;;;T"13's-i1il oH B( g\...
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