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IMG_0106 - z-f(rlb^|ene G.t,l E l,r'J,^" lrl z,l...

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I I cgJ1t"2210 Homework Quiz Chapters 5 and 6 *"." l* tu'20a6 1.(10 pts) Name the folloyring alkenes: (a) 2. (10 pts) Acetrl chloride Ammonia reacts with acet5rl chloride (CHgCOCI) to (CII€CONH2) according to the iollowing equation: "rc-"<;, ""3 r""-rl- " cr4 grve acetemide '(+ w tt;Y O G4 -r - *dtt '- z- {uxen" (d) (rr) * J,t-Ju4- t,t - kf{oJ;e,,e fuyl'"4t -7 -*41 ' Z'ocre'*" (.)
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Unformatted text preview: z -f+(rlb^|[email protected] G.t,l E) - l,r'-'J,^"+lrl- z,,l- ocroJ;ene NIrB+ :-------> HrCtC q*:i?g :o:- rrrr ll .rrrr3 6 ___j _-U. ... + NH4+ Cl-HsC NH2 Acetarpide rdenffi the bonds imken a:ed formed in each step of the reaction, and draw cu:rzed. €rrrows to reprbsent the flow of electrons depch step. f o^1, 6rr*J frru, C.N c-o N- t+ C-b C-CI N.T+...
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