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I 12. Propose sfitctural formulas for the compounds from the spectral data provided. Briefly show work or indicate how your answer was obtained. (10 points each) a) A compound with the formula C4H10O gave the integrated rH NMR spectrum below: '\1.:;' rlr| :.;r, ;:'.#'jii:.'.'*i i,i1:.r ,. ..:; l!-r'i;i,r. tli:-lit:i:il;.:i jii;i;ii ii. .::;l:; jri:'. .; 1...: .:.j j.ia':i.! iir"'l;i:i-1r, +];i,i.tli';.:i, {.'.li'ii" i-il,':;::i 1.' . r .-.',.: hAiR ;A:.r,,-,', .- r .j :iti ii-i;l:i:,;, :.':.i,;rJ ' .,::ili ii-,." . it:. ..'i':2i.^ !,,'*ii:,r'.; 'r.J:.:;,; 4r l ,. ;;. ,i;ii,il i l-'iij;iil;t :. -ir'i l r: 'r :i;:: i: .: t.'at :j -t . *li .iil'.'::,:jfi :.'' Si.,.,r:l;i ' ,1 r: j,.'iL'l t.: '1. ! .r' .l t..,.yulyl.
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