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IMG_0265 - Za-iLs e-V'€ F"utc Wcc,ltsz f...

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)cd s". $fs\ s. ) trans-l-Bromo-2-methylcyclohexane yields the non-Zartsev product when treated with KOH in ethanol. Explain this result completely using words and pictures. Write a detaiied mechanism using the usual conventions. Your explanation and drawings should be sufficienfly clear and complete to leave a reader no doubt that you understand the ' : chemical basis for this observation. (15 pints) \Y i,,' CFl3 This raacliav 66a6-t's [r,g trA €.\ir"ninarf-ion or4d in . crr.a{,*r {crv- *Lrz olc"r,.ju [p- b,*-,"J "la firr-,n t +V h+Arao*un +D bo a-l\ac Ln flV"- ytr,uci eanlv\;l-t "" -i{ b *l"s- ituuci eapiiA br{ ^-;d +t* le*vin4 f,"crl icJ*- v^ruugf '"L A-kLfi' Wr tpta-ru*r # *.[cr h e-xsa,s- Bv -----) Tha cio r.i:k U-.,.J dons ru4+ f6: tLa"V
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