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r- a -r.-::lf;r a! # 1 I I l 6. Circle the most nucleophilic molecule or ion below. (1 point) (cHr)rNH @ (cI{3)rNH, ol'' rn&,Lr-,61 su.\{oyi d-e- U* Wt,v.t #ni;U.e ZgZt:*t -: ( r-' 7. Provide a structwe or a name (not an acronym) for a specific example of each solvent type below. (3 points each) a) Polar aprotic t MSO N" \d*yb"+\+ b) Protic F.l- 0 , tr4" pols.r o,ryl r -i.oi'*nta*y*ul'or^d c) Nonpolar HA*ar-u.€" /'O [Ctl3 C=C_- PriYna"r Y k'*LIAL oA .67"V*s Sr'rR \,nvYt&|tS
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Unformatted text preview: |ri'*i cl-a''*n * $"oY. \---J \-- / {r' up"o*.". gslvent* 8. Write a detailed mechanism for the reaction below using the usual conventions. Draw a clear three dimensional representation of the product that shows the stereochemistry. Specify whether the mechanism is S*1, SN2, El, orB}. (12 points) CHqCI-l' T' J (-\ /.* tc.-lu+ ,+=J',u rt 2r 'rfi H _> CH C =n 3\-InvLl'Sl€nn "--*> Le*er ,,?rit- tYJIvi*i *{"j:'tr ' '...
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